International / Special Envoy




Our international on-board courier service is the most secured method for transferring cryopreserved IVF fertility samples across borders. We're with the samples all the way, that's why we call it Special Envoy

The specific advantages of on-board courier - Special Envoy

  • The dry shipper canister is with one of our trained couriers at all times - it is carried in the aircraft cabin (not cargo hold) so there is no possibility of flight handlers dropping the shipment & therefore harming the samples - dropping the canister might affect the canister’s seal.
  • X-ray exemption is secured (x-raying may mutate the DNA). We are known shippers with the airlines & airport security therefore we can pre-clear this status.
  • Flight + foreign customs documentation is provided (this facilitates swift customs clearance). The releasing clinic will provide all clinical paperwork.
  • Co-ordinating with both the releasing & receiving clinics to secure export/import licence(s) if required.
  • Delivery date & time is pre-alerted. Clinic to clinic service.
  • Dry shipper canisters (transport units) are provided.

 We strongly recommend it for the following sample categories:

  • Embryos - vitrified or slow freeze
  • Eggs | Oocytes
  • Partner sperm | Gametes
  • Surgically retrieved sperm PESA | TESA
  • Pre-chemotherapy banked sperm
  • Final stock sibling donor sperm
  • Ovarian tissue
  • Irreplaceable IVF life science samples in general